Article from EndoNurse about GI DOCTORS: Bowel Preps 2012: Is Hydrotherapy Part of the Mix?

​Some gastroenterologists are also not happy with prep options, or at least want there to be more choices. For instance, Dr. Chris Demetriou, the owner of a GI clinic called GI DOCTORS, on Long Island, in New York. Demetriou’s office does around 1,600 colonoscopies a year. He has two partners and all are using a hydrotherapy prep and are pleased with the results, reported Amy Sanders, who helped implement the program. Sanders is president of “GPACT,” Global Professional Association for Colon Therapists. Her findings from the implementation program:

  • Cleaner bowels compared to the traditional preps
  • Due to the lubrication provided by the hydrotherapy versus the drying effect of the traditional prep, they can more easily slide the scope making the procedure faster
  • Patient tolerance is improved versus the traditional
  • Patients can have a light liquid breakfast up to five hours prior to the hydrotherapy/colonoscopy, unlike the conventional prep with no food and sips of water for medications
  • The anesthesiologist reported the following; Patients are requiring less medication administered during the procedure
  • Procedure time reduced
  • Patient recovery time is reduced and feeling of general well being is improved

​​“Dr. Demetriou and Amy Sanders featured article in EndoNurse magazine Dec 2011-Jan12 edition.”

Colon Hydrotherapy - The Alternative Prep for Colonoscopy

The biggest obstacle preventing a patient from undergoing a colonoscopy is undoubtedly the preparation that is required prior to the procedure to clean out the colon, said Dr. Demetriou. “There are many different brands of bowel preparations to choose from and the majority requires the consumption of 64 oz to 128 oz of laxative-instilled fluid,” he added. “The two main issues that arise with these types of preparations are: patients could have great difficulty consuming the large volume of laxative-instilled fluid, and many of these preparations are foul tasting and unpalatable.”


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