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I can't possibly recommend Kukana any higher. Without going into details about my particular situation, let me just say that two doctors, several over-the-counter products, and several herbal products were not able to provide the relief that I received from one session at Kukana Colonics. Moreover, Kukana represents a line of nearly miraculous natural products that are not sold in pharmacies or even in health food stores. She was able to pinpoint the precise product that would ensure that my colon health ongoing. I am so grateful to have found Kukana Colonics. -J.W.

Very good experience went there years ago and now will return. I suggest preparation before to loosen up stool and eating less if you really want to clean your insides out.  -C.C.

To begin with, I have never had this procedure done before and was extremely nervous and anxious when the day came. Once the process started at Kukana colonics it was an entire different experience! I’m a person who gets anxiety easily when it comes to these things and I was absolutely blown away from how amazing and comfortable I felt with the woman who cared and directed me through the process. I brought my boyfriend with me and his experience was just as great as mine. Felt as if she had known us for years and shared lots of great knowledge and profesionalism that was worth every second! 100 of 100 recommend! Blown away from my amazing experience. Her comfort, care and love she truly has for her clients is wonderful. Thank you again kukana colonics. Beautifully done! ❤️  -A.E.

Client Reviews

I've been meaning to write this for a while. Kukana is a God send. She actually called to check on me and reminded me of a few important things. When in her care, she is willing to teach and give insight of how you can get your bowels moving in a healthier direction using natural methods and herbs. I'm grateful for her services. I also appreciate her sense of humor. :)   -T.W.

It was my first colonic (I didn't know what I was getting into) and Kukana made the experience calming. She also checked in on me the following day as well as giving me some good advice for my health complications. Would 100% recommend her!  -B.R.

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Kukana Colonics. Kukana is extremely knowledgeable regarding colon cleansing and has a vast array of knowledge regarding all aspects of holistic health. She uses the Angel of Water open colonic system which I believe is more effective, sanitary, and patient friendly than closed colonic systems. Kukana has always been helpful, professional, compassionate, and is very committed to others. I highly recommend her to anyone considering colon hydrotherapy. The benefits have been way beyond my expectations. She is truly an exceptional practitioner. Thank you Kukana for helping me on my journey back to good health.  -A.B.

I have been receiving colonic treatments from Kukana and her Angel of Water machine for several months. I find Kukana to be professional, knowledgeable and caring in her guidance and support throughout the treatment process. After every treatment I feel lighter and more attuned to my body. The cleansing process has helped me connect with my body and supports me in making healthy lifestyle changes. I highly recommend Kukana’s services to anyone who values their health and well-being and would like extra support to meet their goals.  - M.D.

I have been dealing with COVID-19 fatigue for the past 3 months. After two treatments I have seen my stamina increase, I recommend Kukana Colonics to everyone dealing with the aftereffects of COVID-19. -B.L.

You are in expert hands with Kukana! Kukana Colonics utilizes the Angel of Water machine, which makes the process easy, comfortable, and clean. The environment is pleasant and relaxing and Kukana is so knowledgeable that I learn something new every week.

My first session was challenging, as my body was unfamiliar with it, but Kukana gently guided me through the process, and, immediately after, I felt fantastic!

I highly recommend Kukana Colonics!

Some benefits I've seen after 8 weekly colonics with Kukana:
*decreased IBS symptoms
*increased energy
*improved mood
*strengthened immune system
*decrease in pms symptoms
*relief of organ pain caused by toxicity
*improved gastrointestinal function
and more                -B.T.

This lady changed my life. She is an amazing person to work with and is very passionate and patient. If you receive colonics regularly the old fashioned way and then receive one with Kukana you'll never turn back. Highly recommended 💩👍 


Since working with Kukana for the last 2 months, I'm happy to report that I've lost 30 POUNDS!! I have more energy and feel so much better.
Expertise, Compassion, Dignity, Experience. These words describe what Kukana's therapies bring to me. Not to mention, RESULTS. She has a wealth of education and knowledge that she freely shares. Her professionalism and warmth mean so much. Her therapy is focused on you and your individual needs. I'm blessed to have her.  -K.W.

I experienced the most professionally trained colon therapist with Susan. My colonic irrigation was the most detoxing experience of my life. Susan taught me how to properly use the Angel of Water. I have used the Angel for 3 years and no therapist has ever taught me how to do it. Susan is a gifted healer. Thank you Lord for putting Susan in my path, Amen.

She is a very knowledgeable and informative in her profession. She made me feel very comfortable during the process -N.P.